Young Discoverers Science Class


Young Discoverers is a preschool science enrichment class where children learn basic scientific concepts in a fun, developmentally appropriate environment. Through interesting units of study, children will develop skills such as, observing, measuring, predicting, classifying, and communicating. We will use the steps of the scientific method to aid us on our journey through various science-based topics. Students will be given the opportunity to use these steps as they participate in hands-on, developmentally appropriate science experiments. The PUNS science class is designed as a rotating curriculum, offering children the opportunity to participate in the class in consecutive years. The Young Discoverers program is a fantastic way to jump-start your child’s interest in the scientific world!

  • Young Discoverers meets Thursday afternoons from 12:15-2:45
  • Non-Cooperative; Teaching Team of 3 Teachers
  • Children in this class must be currently enrolled in the Group 3 Program or of equivalent or higher age
  • Tuition: $675
  • Enrollment in Enrichment Class requires participation in our Main Fundraising Event of the Year, which typically occurs in February or March
  • Read about PUNS' FIVE DAY OPTION on the Group 3 Page!
Fantastic class! I was a bit skeptical about a science class for 4-year-olds, but WOW! The kids come home raving about a new experiment every day!”
— Parent of a Young Discoverer