PUNS Story Fund

Pittsford United Nursery School (PUNS) holds a special place in many people’s hearts. It is a place where our kids learn important lessons, develop necessary social skills and grow into big kids. But it is also a place where our children — and us as parents — make lifelong friends. A place where teachers become a part of our family. A place that is much more than just a preschool.

The PUNS Story Fund was developed as a way to ensure that more families get to experience all that we love about PUNS — Special Person’s Night, the Mother’s Day Luncheon, the hand-made presents that we will never part with, or simply just that smile on your child’s face each day when you pick them up from a fun morning. An alumni family made a significant donation when their youngest child graduated, with the goal of ensuring that other families get to experience all that they did. And thus, the Story Fund was born.

We all have our favorite stories of our time at PUNS. All are important — and while many are similar, each is individually unique to our experience. So although our family’s story at PUNS may be finished, the PUNS story overall is not. Please help us continue to provide these amazing stories to many more families to come.

You can also donate by mailing a check to Pittsford United Nursery School, 123 S. Main St., Pittsford, NY 14534. Please be sure all checks are made out to “Pittsford United Nursery School” and are clearly labeled for the Story Fund.

Submit Your Favorite Story

We would love to hear your favorite stories and memories of your family’s time at PUNS. Please use the form below to submit your narrative!

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What makes PUNS a special place is the love you have for it after you go to school there. It’s kind of like the place you grew up, where you made your first friends. PUNS is a great place to go.
When Daddy came in for Special Persons Night
When it was pajama day and we watched “Frozen” and did my nails
When we wrote our own play and got to act it out for our parents. There were so many superheroes in “Little Red Riding Hood”!
When the whole class would go for a walk and sometimes ride in a wagon