STEAM Conductors

S: Science; T: Technology; E: Engineering; A: Art; M: Math


Each Thursday, students embark on a STEAM exploration of the world around them! They will learn to analyze and problem-solve, as well as utilize the scientific method - a never ending cycle of hypothesis, prediction, testing and questioning. The Conductors will observe, perform experiments, collect data and draw conclusions. They will work collaboratively with bot peers and teachers each week to solve challenges creatively and effectively together as a group. Course topics may include: Weather, The Human Body, Color and Light, Animal Habitats, Chemical Reactions, Measurement, Simple Machines, States of Matter, Life Cycles, and so much more!

Each spring, the students and their families participate together at our annual PUNS Science Extravaganza! The Conductors lead their families on a scientific journey through ten experiment stations where they showcase their knowledge of the scientific method. A favorite each year!

  • STEAM Conductors meet Thursday afternoons from 12:15-2:45
  • Non-Cooperative; Teaching Team of 3 Teachers
  • Children in this class must be currently enrolled in the Group 3 Program or of equivalent or higher age
  • Tuition: $675