PUNS Read-a-Thon

The more that you READ, the more things you will KNOW.
The more that you LEARN, the more places you’ll GO!”
— Dr. Seuss

Monday, Jan. 28 - Friday, Feb. 8

Our annual Read-a-Thon is an exciting time for our students to explore and build on their love of reading, while also expanding on early literacy skills! All students will participate in daily reading sessions at school, and are also encouraged to complete additional reading sessions at home through a number of fun, hands-on activities.

It is also an opportunity for us to raise money to support our readers! All money raised through donations goes straight back to PUNS in the form of new toys, equipment and library books, learning resources, teacher training, and more. Our primary goal is to give our children the best experience and education, made possible through your generous donation!