Parent Testimonials


"Half Pints is an amazing program which enables young children to familiarize themselves with an educational routine. My daughter, who has mild separation issues, benefited from a small and consistent peer group. The teachers are patient, kind and passionate about early education. The cooperative aspect of this school creates a community not only for your child but the entire family. We have really enjoyed our time at PUNS."  — Parent of a "Half Pint"


"We found out about PUNS by attending a preschool fair at the Public Library. We liked the school's location and that the cooperative component encouraged parent involvement, so we decided to apply. Our whole family is glad that we did! My oldest child attended three years at PUNS (Half Pints, Group 1, and Group 2), and my daughter [two years (Group 1 & Group 2)].

One of the best things about PUNS is the personal connection the school establishes with each student. The teachers are very attuned to each child's interests and personality, and I have seen them adapt classroom activities to suit the interests of the kids in class. PUNS really does feel like a family - teachers who have never taught my children directly know their names and greet them every time they pass in the hall!

You also have many opportunities to build relationships with other students and their families: the parent working days allow you to get to know the other kids in your child's class, and if there is another working parent in the classroom then you also have an opportunity to build a relationship with that adult. As a parent of young children who moved to this area only a year before entering PUNS, I really appreciated that the school helped both me and my children build new friendships!

The school is incredibly well-equipped: each room has tons of toys that are often swapped in and out, so the children never have a chance to get bored. The playground is also an amazing asset. My children love playing with its swings, play set, water table, and a ton of toys. We even visit it on days when they don't have school! Another hidden gem is the well stocked library. There are hundreds of books to choose from and my children get so excited when they can take a book home. Understanding how to use a library is a great life skill, and PUNS starts them early on this path.

PUNS is a warm, welcoming place that does its best to accommodate every individual child. My children love every day of school and can't wait to attend class. My oldest son left fully prepared for Kindergarten and with a group of friends that he is still in touch with now."

— Kara Mucha, PUNS Alumni Family


"Even before our son officially enrolled in PUNS, my husband and I knew that we had made the right decision by choosing this preschool. We missed the Open House last January, but a member of the PUNS Welcoming Committee accommodated our schedule and took time out of her day to provide us with a tour of the school. The day of our tour we were greeted by a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere, and immediately got a strong sense of community when we spoke with the parent giving the tour, as well as with the teachers we met that day. We had been concerned about our son not being ready to start preschool because he had always been with me or another family member. However, after visiting PUNS it was clear that this school was the best fit for him.

Our first impression of PUNS hasn't changed. The school has continued to be an inviting, nurturing, friendly, educational environment for our son. Initially, our son did have some difficulty adapting to being away from me twice a week. Group 1 teachers, Wendy Littlefield and Joy Blake, have been absolutely wonderful helping his transition into the new routine. They have been extremely patient, kind, and understanding with my son. Recognizing that all children are different, Wendy and Joy took the time to figure out what works best to make him feel comfortable. I've also seen first-hand the loving things they do to help children cope with being away from their parents/guardians when I've assisted in the classroom.

It's so rewarding to be able to "work" in my son's class. The teachers are excellent at informing parents what the children did in class each day, but it's great to have the opportunity to actually experience a school day with your child. From working as an "Art" of "Snack" parent, I've gotten to know my son's classmates, as well as the other parents I've worked with. I've seen how the day is structured, with several planned activities, but also plenty of time to play, be creative, and learn how to interact with others. The teachers are extremely organized and have created a routine the children are comfortable and familiar with, but Wendy and Joy are willing to adjust the schedule if a new activity better suits the situation.

My husband and I are looking forward to more years being involved in the PUNS community with our son and younger daughter." 

— Parent of a former Group 1 Student


"Our family's experience at PUNS has been exceptional. The teachers are some of the best, and really care about the children in their class! And as a mom, I love that! The boys thrived at PUNS, looking forward to school every day. Academically, my oldest was completely prepared for Kindergarten, and his little brother is following right in his footsteps. Dawn and Missy are a great teaching team, and the children benefit from that. They make learning fun! And they have a great ability to teach and interact with each child, in a way that best fits their personality. They "get" my boys' different personalities, and work with their strengths. I could not be any happier and pleased with our years at PUNS, and look forward to sending my youngest to Half Pints in 2019!"

— Melissa Whitford, PUNS Alumni Family


"I can honestly say that sending our daughter, Emelia, to PUNS for her three years of preschool was one of the best decisions we ever made. The amount of love and care she received there, the sense of community among families, and the quality of play-based learning I saw during my time in the classroom is what makes PUNS such a special school. Looking back at our time there, I think the biggest testimony to PUNS is how much our daughter came away loving school. At our Kindergarten conference, her teacher told us how enjoyable Emelia seems to find all aspects of school; she also was impressed with how prepared Emelia was for the Kindergarten curriculum, and specifically asked us which preschool she had attended. I was proud to tell her: PUNS!"   — Megan Williams, Alumni Parent