Literature LLAMAS

LLAMAS: L: Language; L: Literacy; A: Authors;     M: Music; A: Artists)


On Tuesdays, students delve into the wonderful world of language and literature! They will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of literary genres including fiction & nonfiction, poetry, legends & myths, fairytales, biographies, and so much more! The LLAMAS will study may different authors and illustrators, ranging from the classics to modern day. Music and movement are incorporated throughout all areas of study. The program focuses on fostering early literacy concepts, phonemic awareness, and emergent reading skills.

Annually, the students in this class work collaboratively with their teachers and peers to script their own unique storyline of a classic fairytale. This script is then developed into a play that the students perform for their families! Students create the scenery as well as design the set for this play performance. A truly memorable event!

  • LLAMAS meet Tuesday afternoons from 12:15-2:45
  • Non-Cooperative; Teaching Team of 3 Teachers
  • Children in this class must be currently enrolled in the Group 3 Program or of equivalent or higher age
  • Tuition: $675