Curriculum for 4s and 5s


PUNS offers a variety of unique educational experiences for our 4- and 5-year-old learners as they prepare for Kindergarten and the world beyond. With options that include 3-, 4- and 5-day programs, we can accommodate your child's interests and readiness. At PUNS we truly believe that a play-based experience is the best way to prepare our students for Kindergarten. The children in our pre-K programs are enveloped in a caring and supportive environment that develops a lifelong love of learning. We foster the social, emotional and cognitive growth of each child, as well as differentiate our academic curriculum and instructional techniques to meet the needs of each individual learner.

If your child is ready for a full-fledged, five-day experience, we offer the unique opportunity to combine a cooperative preschool classroom experience with in-depth exploration into literature-based and STEAM-focused concepts that will leave your child fully prepared for the transition to Kindergarten. And, if your child is not quite ready for five days, they can still benefit from three or four days of play-based, age-appropriate Kindergarten prep, through any combination of the options below.

Group 3: Kindergarten Readiness

Offered Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 9am - 11:30am OR 12:15pm - 2:45pm

Our Group 3 program is a dynamic Kindergarten Readiness program that provides direct instruction of Pre-K skills within the joyful and nurturing atmosphere of a play-based classroom. Group 3 teachers work diligently to differentiate their instruction to meet the individual needs of each student, providing the foundation skills required for success in Kindergarten. Our program offers small class sizes with a high adult to student ratio, allowing more individualized attention for each student, as well as more in-depth study of curriculum content. Social and emotional development is fostered through cooperative play and participation in small group centers. Our teaching staff works closely with the Kindergarten teachers and principals within the Pittsford Central School District to ensure that our students will be successful in the next step of their educational journey. Our most important goal, however, is to ignite and foster your child’s love for learning! Some of the core components of the Group 3 AM program include:

  • Literacy Concepts: letter recognition/formation, letter/sound association
  • Phonemic Awareness: introducing the ESSENTIAL pre-reading skills of rhyming, syllable counting, sound blending and segmentation
  • Mathematical Concepts: number recognition/formation, ordering numbers, patterns, graphing, number sense, simple mathematical equations
  • Creative and Critical Thinking: daily art projects, dramatic play, problem-solving
  • Gross Motor Skills: weekly physical education class, daily playground time
  • Fine Motor Skills: tracing, cutting, working with play dough, working with small manipulatives, creating in the writing center (practicing writing names and words)
  • Speaking and Listening Skills: weekly sharing time, circle time, dramatic and cooperative play
  • Science: inquiry, observations, organizing information (graphs, charts)

Our Group 3 classes includes a maximum of 16 students with 3 teachers and a working parent*.

*Group 3 Classes offer a Non Co-Op Option for both AM and PM sessions. The Non Co-Op Option eliminates all Parent Work Days in the classroom. Please note, selection of the Non Co-Op Option DOES NOT include PUNS' Committee Requirement. There is a Committee Buy-Out for families who are interested.**


Literature LLAMAS

Offered Tuesdays from 12:15pm - 2:45pm

Standing for Language, Literacy, Authors, Music and Artists, our Literature LLAMAS delve into the wonderful world of language and literature! They will have the opportunity to learn about a variety of literary genres including fiction & nonfiction, poetry, legends & myths, fairy tales, biographies, and so much more! The LLAMAS will study many different authors and illustrators, ranging from the classics to modern day. Music and movement are incorporated throughout all areas of study. The program focuses on fostering early literacy concepts, phonemic awareness, and emergent reading skills that are integral to their Kindergarten readiness.

Annually, the students in this class work collaboratively with their teachers and peers to script their own unique story line of a classic fairy tale. This script is then developed into a play that the students perform for their families! Students create the scenery as well as design the set for this play performance. A truly memorable event!


STEAM Conductors

Offered Thursdays from 12:15pm - 2:45pm

Focused on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, our STEAM Conductors embark on a weekly exploration of the world around them! They will learn to analyze and problem-solve, as well as utilize the scientific method - a never ending cycle of hypothesis, prediction, testing and questioning. The Conductors will observe, perform experiments, collect data and draw conclusions. They will work collaboratively with their peers and teachers each week to solve challenges creatively and effectively together as a group. Course topics may include: Weather, The Human Body, Color and Light, Animal Habitats, Chemical Reactions, Measurement, Simple Machines, States of Matter, Life Cycles, and so much more!

Each spring, the students and their families participate together at our annual PUNS Science Extravaganza! The Conductors lead their families on a scientific journey through ten experiment stations where they showcase their knowledge of the scientific method. A favorite each year!

I think the biggest testimony to PUNS is how much our daughter came away loving school. At our kindergarten conference, her teacher told us how enjoyable Emelia seems to find all aspects of school; she also was impressed with how prepared Emelia was for the kindergarten curriculum and specifically asked us which preschool she had attended. I was proud to tell her: PUNS!
— Megan Williams, Mom of a PUNS Alumni

Tuition & Enrollment Options

5-Day Option: Group 3, Literature LLAMAS and STEAM Conductors

  • With Co-Op participation in Group 3: $2,595
    • NON Co-Op participation*: $3,095

NOTE: These rates include a discounted rate for the five-day program

Group 3 ONLY

  • With Co-Op participation: $1,395
    • NON Co-Op participation*: $1,895

Literature LLAMAS and/or STEAM Conductors ONLY

  • $675 per program; $1,350 for both (without the Group 3 core class)


*Group 3 Classes offer a Non Co-Op Option for both AM and PM sessions. The Non Co-Op Option eliminates all Parent Work Days in the classroom. Please note, selection of the Non Co-Op Option DOES NOT include PUNS' Work Assignment Requirement. There is a Work Assignment Buy-Out for families who are interested.