Where “Play is the Work of Childhood”


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Our Curriculum

PUNS offers a variety of curriculum options for children ages 2 to 5. Ranging from one to five days a week, we are able to offer a truly personalized experience for students to fit their interests and abilities.

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Allergy Friendly

We know the anxiety many families feel when they are confronted with the serious risk of food allergies, and at PUNS, we want to do all we can to lessen the worry and bring on the fun for our friends with even the most severe of allergies!

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Our Philosophy

In our program, children learn through play and through choosing and using a variety of learning centers in the classroom- figuring out how things work, interacting with each other, trying out new roles, and more.

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Our School

We focus on the PROCESS, not the product. We respect the various learning styles and life experiences our students bring to bear as they navigate the preschool day. Our goal is that each activity, craft, or center will help facilitate the development of the underlying skills needed for success at school.


PUNS is a warm, welcoming place that does its best to accommodate every individual child. My children love every day of school and can't wait to attend class. My oldest son left fully prepared for Kindergarten and with a group of friends that he is still in touch with now.

— Kara Mucha, parent of two PUNS Alumni


What is a Co-op?

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