Group 3

Kindergarten Readiness Program


Group 3 is a dynamic Kindergarten readiness program that provides direct instruction of pre-K skills within the joyful and nurturing atmosphere of a play-based classroom. Group 3 teachers work diligently to differentiate their instruction to meet the individual needs of each student, providing the foundation skills required for success in Kindergarten. Social and emotional development is fostered through cooperative play and participation in small group centers. Our teaching staff works closely with Kindergarten teachers and Pittsford Central School District principals to ensure that our students will be successful in the next step of their educational journey. Our most important goal; however, is to ignite and foster your child’s love for learning! Some of the core components of the Group 3 AM program include:

-Literacy Concepts: letter recognition/formation, letter/sound association

-Phonemic Awareness: the ESSENTIAL pre-reading skills (rhyming, syllable counting, sound blending and segmentation)

-Mathematical Concepts: number recognition/formation, ordering numbers, patterns, graphing, number sense

-Creative and Critical Thinking: daily art projects, dramatic play, problem-solving

-Gross Motor Skills: Weekly P.E. class, daily playground time

-Fine Motor Skills: tracing, cutting, playdough, working with small manipulatives

-Speaking and Listening Skills: weekly sharing time, circle time, dramatic and cooperative play

-Science: inquiry, observations, organizing information (graphs, charts)

-Each Class includes a maximum of 16 students with 2 Co-Teachers, 1 Assistant Teacher and a Working Parent.

-AM Class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9-11:30.

-PM Class meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons from 12:15-2:45.


*Group 3 Classes offer a Non Co-Op Option for both AM and PM sessions. The Non Co-Op Option eliminates all Parent Work Days in the classroom. Please note, selection of the Non Co-Op Option DOES NOT include PUNS' Committee Requirement. There is a Committee Buy-Out for families who are interested.**


  • MWF AM WITH Co-Op: $1395         Non Co-Op: $1895
  • MWF PM WITH Co-Op: $1395         Non Co-Op: $1895

FIVE DAY OPTION: This includes the core class of Group 3 with LLAMAS and STEAM Enrichment Classes at a discounted rate.

Five-Day Option WITH Co-Op: $2595        Non Co-Op: $3095

I think the biggest testimony to PUNS is how much our daughter came away loving school. At our kindergarten conference, her teacher told us how enjoyable Emelia seems to find all aspects of school; she also was impressed with how prepared Emelia was for the kindergarten curriculum and specifically asked us which preschool she had attended. I was proud to tell her: PUNS!
— Megan Williams, Mom of a PUNS Alumni