Group 2

“My two little girls, who had previously been hesitant about going to school, literally RUN into school in the morning - eager to start their day at PUNS!”
— Kristy Hopfinger, Group 2 & 3 Mom
  • Group 2 is a fun-filled and engaging program specially designed for our students moving up from our Half Pints program, as well as for students who are new to PUNS and have at least one year of prior preschool experience. Group 2 is the class in which your child will further develop his or her ability to follow the daily routine, and will also be introduced to other classroom skills such as having a “job” and participating in “centers”, while also gaining important social skills through child-directed cooperative play. Pre-academic skills are introduced in activities that are developmentally appropriate (and FUN) for children of this very tender age. Teachers in Group 2 make frequent use of “the teachable moment”, following the child’s lead and their interests. Through a variety of approaches, including small group centers once a week, we foster independence and choice. Some of the core components of the Group 2 program include:

-Literacy Concepts: letter recognition and formation

-Mathematical Concepts: number recognition, counting, patterning

-Science Concepts: making predictions, asking questions

-Creative and Critical Thinking: daily art projects, dramatic play, problem-solving

-Speaking and Listening Skills

-Gross and Fine Motor Skills: Weekly P.E. Class, daily playground time; playdough, cutting, working with small manipulatives

-Cooperative and Independent Play

  • Group 2 meets Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 9:15-11:45
  • This class consists of 16 students, 2 teachers, and 2 working parents
  • Tuition: $1395