Group 1

Group 1 is a very special program that is specifically designed for our friends who are age 3 and 4, and who have had no prior preschool experience. We know that coming to school for the first time is exciting, but not always an easy transition for all children. In Group 1, students will benefit from a primary focus on fostering a love of learning through positive socialization, opportunities for guided and independent play, and a warm and nurturing environment in which to learn the rhythm and routine of a preschool day. During the year you will see your child learning and growing in many areas:

            -Personal Independence                     -Positive Peer Interaction

            -Speaking and Listening                      -Creative and Critical Thinking

            -Dramatic and Imaginative Play         -Language and Literature

            -Gross and Fine Motor Skills               -Math and Science Concepts

            -Games, Songs, Finger-plays, Verse and Rhymes

            -Weekly P.E. Class

  • Classes meet Tuesday and Thursday mornings from 9:15-11:45
  • Group 1 consists of 16 students, 1 teacher, 1 assistant teacher, and 2 working parents
  • Tuition: $995
“The school is incredibly well-equipped: each room has tons of toys that are often swapped in and out, so the children never get a chance to get bored...”
— Kara Mucha, Group 1 Mom