Child Watch Services

At PUNS, many parents choose to spend time in their child(ren)’s classroom as part of our cooperative model. But, we know that this can often be a challenge for families with younger siblings. Therefore, we are very excited to be able to offer in-house babysitting & child watch for our families who are working in their child(ren)'s classroom.

The service is available during the school year on designated days, based on the needs of our families. This is only available for parents who are working in the classroom on those particular days. You will need to sign up ahead of time in order for us to provide adequate staff. When you arrive at PUNS on your workday, you will bring the child being watched to the designated area. Snacks and beverages are welcome, though we request that you stick to the approved snack list, with the exception of breast milk or formula. You can then proceed to your child's classroom. If you are needed at any point during the class time, the PUNS Babysitter will call or text your cell phone.

The Child Watch Service is available on a per class basis, so you can utilize it for just one working day, or all of them. You just need to register ahead of time so that we can determine staffing and days available. 

If you are interested in learning more about costs or availability, or to sign up, please contact our Registrar (